Western Union

Western Union Dollar to Naira exchange rate as of today March 2017(Updated Daily)western union dollar

This post is meant for individuals, organisations or businesses that are interested in either sending or receiving money via western union. This post will also be helpful for people that wants to know the current and correct value of the western union dollar to Naira exchange rate.

Western Union Dollar to Naira exchange rate today

In US Dollar(USD)
25/04/2017 ₦355.00
24/04/2017 ₦355.00

Western Union Euro to Naira exchange rate today

In Euro(EUR)
25/04/2017 ₦377.16
24/04/2017 ₦372.01

Western Union Pounds to Naira exchange rate today

British Pounds(GBP)
25/04/2017  ₦449.22
24/04/2017  ₦449.79

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Problems With Western Union Payments

When sending money through Western Union, you are charged at the parallel market rate(black market rate). On the other hand, if you are the one receiving money via Western union, you are paid at the Naira official exchange rate. when you compare what you are supposed to be paid at both the parallel rate and the official rate you will agree with me that the difference is much.

How To Receive Money Through Western Union

Receiving Money Through Western Union is very easy and straight forward, compared to Sending of money via Western Union. Some banks in Nigeria have stop sending money through Western Union. You can only receive. Western Union have over five hundred thousand agent around the world. So to receive your money won’t be a problem as almost all banks in Nigeria are agents of Western Union. Below are steps to follow to redraw your money through western union”

Through Cash

If you want the physical cash, kindly walk to any Western Union agent(banks) with your ID. Remember to ask the person sending the money to you to also send the tracking number(MTCN).

Through Bank Account

This process is the simplest method, you just need to tell the person or organisation sending the money to you to just directly send the money through your bank account. Remember to send your bank details to the person.

Through ATM

You can even make use of the ATM to receive money through Western Union. To do that you don’t even need your ATM card, just click on the western union icon on the screen and follow the steps carefully. Remember that you will still need your tracking ID in other to use this method.

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