MoneyGram Exchange Rate Dollar to Naira TodayMoneyGram Exchange Rate

If you want to know today’s Dollar to Naira MoneyGram exchange rate  then you are at the right place. Here at we frequently update the Dollar to Naira MoneyGram exchange rate. So you can bookmark this page to easily asses the recent exchange rate. See the updated rate below:

MoneyGram Dollar to Naira(USD to NGN)
25/04/2017 N353.23

25/04/2017 N353.23

MoneyGram Pounds Sterling to Naira(GPB to NGN)
25/03/2017 450.73
24/03/2017 449.61

MoneyGram Euro to Naira(EUR to NGN)

25/04/2017 N383.81

24/04/2017 N377.99

People seems sending and receiving money from abroad is a big deal but it not. With MoneyGram you can send and receive money at a cheaper rate compared to western union. MoneyGram  has always being  secured and reliable means of sending or receiving fund all over the world. MoneyGram is an International service provider that focuses mainly on money transfer. Be it sending or receiving. MoneyGram can also be seen as an electronic means of transferring money from one party(can be an individual or organisation) to another globally. MoneyGram is based in the United States with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is said that MoneyGram is the second largest money transfer provider in the world. Operating in over 200 Countries and have over 300,000 agent offices globally.

How Does MoneyGram Works

Sending and receiving money via MoneyGram is very simple and stress free. The person sending the money can initiate the transfer to the receiving party online at the MoneyGram official website. Or can also visit any of the MoneyGram agent offices(mostly banks) to initiate the transfer. And forward the details to the recipient to cash out the money.